Find Out “What Time Is Half Price Appetizers At Applebee’s?”

Do you love appetizers, but don’t always have the budget to indulge in them? Half price appetizers at Applebee’s could be your saving grace. If you’re new to the restaurant chain or just want a refresher on when their half-price appetizer menu kicks in, then this blog post is for you. We’ll discuss what type of food and drinks qualify, eligibility requirements and more – plus answer the all-important question: What time is half price appetizers at Applebee’s? Read on to find out everything you need to know about getting incredible discounts on food favorites like boneless wings, loaded potato skins and mozzarella sticks while eating out.

What is Applebee’s?

Applebee’s is a casual dining chain restaurant that serves classic American cuisine. It is one of the largest chains in the US, with more than 2,000 locations throughout the country. The menu includes a wide range of options for all tastes and budgets, from burgers and sandwiches to steaks and seafood. They are best known for their budget-friendly happy hour menu and their generous half-price appetizers.

The benefits of visiting an Applebee’s vs other restaurants

One of the biggest advantages of visiting an Applebee’s is their generous half-price appetizer deal. This promotion is offered at select locations throughout the country and can save you a lot of money when dining out.

Additionally, Applebee’s has a wide variety of food options to choose from, so you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. Plus, their happy hour menu offers a variety of drinks and cocktails at discounted prices, so you can get your favorite beverage for less. Lastly, Applebee’s is known for its friendly and attentive staff, so you can be sure to have an enjoyable dining experience every time.

What type of food & drinks qualify for half price at Applebee’s?

Applebee’s half-price appetizer menu includes a selection of popular favorites, such as boneless wings, loaded potato skins and mozzarella sticks. The selection may vary according to location, so be sure to check with your local restaurant for availability.

In addition to food items, certain alcoholic beverages are also eligible for the discount. These include domestic beer and house wines. And don’t forget to ask your server about any available drink specials too.

The value of half price appetizers at Applebee’s

Half price appetizers at Applebee’s can be a great way to save money while still enjoying the restaurant’s signature dishes. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or flavor since the discounted items are made with fresh ingredients and cooked just like their regular menu counterparts.

And if you’re eating out with friends or family, taking advantage of half-price appetizers can make it easier to split the bill. You can enjoy a wider range of menu items and divide the cost evenly without breaking the bank.

The value of half price appetizers at Applebee's
The value of half price appetizers at Applebee’s

Eligibility requirements for half price appetizers of Applebee’s

In order to get the discounted appetizers, there are a few key eligibility requirements that must be met. First, all orders must be placed between 4pm and 6pm on weekdays (Monday through Friday). And second, only guests who are 21 years of age or older may purchase alcoholic beverages as part of the deal.

Additionally, you must purchase a drink in order to qualify for the discount. This can be a non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage, depending on your preference. It’s important to note that the offer only applies to dine-in orders, so takeout and delivery orders are not eligible.

What time is half price appetizers at Applebee’s?

Now that you know the eligibility requirements, let’s answer the all-important question: What time is half price appetizers at Applebee’s? The discount is available from 4pm to 6pm on weekdays (Monday through Friday). This is the perfect time for happy hour with friends or a discounted dinner with family.

So if you’re looking for a great deal on some delicious food, make sure to stop by your local Applebee’s between those times. And don’t forget to check your local restaurant for any additional specials or discounts that may be available.

What time is half price appetizers at Applebee's?
What time is half price appetizers at Applebee’s?

How much does it cost of half price appetizers at Applebee’s?

The half-price appetizers at Applebee’s offer great value for money. The prices vary according to location, but typically range from $3 to $8 per item. And since you need to purchase a drink in order to qualify for the deal, it’s likely that you’ll end up spending less than if you ordered each item separately.

How to find the nearest Applebee’s near you?

If you’re looking to take advantage of the half-price appetizers at Applebee’s, first you’ll need to locate your nearest restaurant. You can use the Applebee’s website or app to search for locations in your area. The site includes a list of all the locations, complete with addresses and phone numbers. You can also get directions to the nearest Applebee’s right from the app.

How to order half price appetizers at Applebee’s?

Now you know what time is half price appetizers at Applebee’s, you just need to know how to place your order. Once you’ve located your nearest restaurant, you’ll be ready to place your order for half-price appetizers. When you arrive, simply inform your server that you’re there for the happy hour menu and they will guide you through the process.

You can also call ahead to place an order over the phone. This is a great option if you’re looking to save even more time and get your food quickly.

How to order half price appetizers at Applebee's?
How to order half price appetizers at Applebee’s?

How to serve half price appetizers at Applebee’s?

Once your order has been placed, the restaurant staff will prepare it quickly and serve it directly to your table. When you receive your food, be sure to take a moment to enjoy the smells and flavors before digging in.

At Applebee’s, all of their dishes are made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. From the crisp golden-brown crust of their boneless wings to the gooey cheese and savory flavors of their loaded potato skins, you can expect a delicious meal every time.

Some recipe using half price appetizers at Applebee’s should try

If you’re looking to get creative with your half-price appetizers, here are a few recipes that you should definitely try:

  • Create an appetizer platter using Applebee’s boneless wings, mozzarella sticks and loaded potato skins. Serve with a selection of sauces for dipping.
  • Make tacos using Applebee’s boneless wings. Shred the wings and combine with your favorite toppings for a delicious twist on the classic taco.
  • For dessert, try making Applebee’s Mozzarella Sticks Into French Toast. Dip the mozzarella sticks in egg batter and pan fry until golden brown before topping with syrup or sugar and serving warm.
  • Finally, why not try Applebee’s Loaded Potato Skins as a side dish? Slice the skins into thin strips and top with sour cream and chives for an easy yet delicious meal.
Some recipe using half price appetizers at Applebee's should try
Some recipe using half price appetizers at Applebee’s should try

How to store the half price appetizers at Applebee’s?

If you have any leftovers from your meal, it’s important to store them properly in order to keep their quality and flavor intact. To do this, wrap the food items tightly and place them in an airtight container. Store the container in a cool, dry place and aim to consume the food within two days.

If you have any questions about half price appetizers at Applebee’s, don’t hesitate to ask your server for more information. They’ll be happy to help and ensure that you get the most out of your meal.

Alternatives to half price appetizers at Applebee’s

If you’re looking for other ways to save money while dining out, there are a few alternatives to half price appetizers at Applebee’s that you should consider.

  • Check your local restaurant for daily happy hour specials. Many restaurants offer discounted appetizers and drinks during certain times of the day or week.
  • Look for coupons or codes online that can be applied to your order. This is a great way to save money while dining out and many restaurants offer promotions that are exclusive to their website or app.
  • Ask your server about any daily specials they may have. Many restaurants have unadvertised specials that can provide you with great savings on food and drinks.
  • Lastly, consider taking advantage of loyalty programs. Signing up for a loyalty program can go a long way towards saving you money on your next meal. You’ll typically get discounted food and drinks as well as access to exclusive promotions.
Alternatives to half price appetizers at Applebee's
Alternatives to half price appetizers at Applebee’s

Conclusion: What time is half price appetizers at Applebee’s

Half price appetizers at Applebee’s can be a great way to enjoy some of your favorite dishes without breaking the bank. Just make sure to check the eligibility requirements and time restrictions before ordering, and you’ll be on your way to saving money while still enjoying a delicious meal. And don’t forget to take advantage of other discounts and specials that may be available at your local restaurant.

FAQs Applebee’s

What is the $1 drink at Applebee’s?

Introducing Applebee’s revamped drink specials. Our iconic $1 drink specials, previously known as “Dollaritas,” may have bid farewell in 2020, but fear not. We have exciting news: the era of “Mucho Drinks” has begun. Now available at all locations, get ready to indulge in sensational beverages that will surely satisfy your cravings. It’s time to raise your glass and discover Applebee’s irresistible new offerings.

Who owns Applebee’s?

Applebee’s is owned by Dine Brands Global, Inc., the world’s largest full-service dining company. The company owns two of America’s most beloved restaurant brands – Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar® and IHOP® Restaurants. Together, they have over 3,700 restaurants worldwide.

How many Applebees locations are there?

Applebee’s, a popular casual dining restaurant chain headquartered in the United States, boasts a global presence with an impressive count of 1,678 restaurants as of December 31, 2022. Among these locations, 1,569 are franchised restaurants within the United States, while 109 establishments can be found in international markets. Notably, Applebee’s operates as a subsidiary of the esteemed full-service dining company, Dine Brands Global.

Is there a limit on Applebee’s $1 margaritas?

No, there is no limit on Applebee’s $1 margaritas. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing drink to enjoy with friends or just want something to sip on while you take in the view, our $1 margarita has you covered.

Why is it called Applebees?

The founders, Bill and T.J. Palmer, sought inspiration in a phone book and instantly connected with the name “Appleby.” However, they discovered that the name was already copyrighted, prompting them to make a slight alteration and settle on “Applebee’s.”

Does Applebee’s make money?

Despite being profitable businesses with a 17% EBITDA margin, Applebee’s face a significant challenge in the form of a lengthy payback period. On average, it takes 15-20 years for Applebee’s to recoup their investments.

Is Chili’s owned by Applebee’s?

No, Chili’s is not owned by Applebee’s. Both are part of the same parent company, Dine Brands Global (formerly Brinker International). However, each restaurant operates independently and has its own menu of items.

Is Applebee’s open on Thanksgiving?

Experience a delicious Thanksgiving meal at Applebee’s. We have a special holiday menu waiting for you. While some of our restaurants will have limited hours, select locations will be open and ready to serve you. To ensure your spot, give your local Applebee’s a call in advance and confirm their hours of operation for Thanksgiving Day.

How does Applebee’s do tips?

At the end of each night, 2% of the total sales are distributed as tips between the bartenders and hosts. You can keep your own tips. When there are two bartenders working, they will combine their tips while on duty. The servers also share 3% of their tips with the hosts.

Does China have Applebee’s?

Yes. Applebee’s in China offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience with a carefully crafted menu and exceptional restaurant design. Our commitment to providing quick and friendly service is reinforced by our service guarantee. We strive to address any customer concerns before they leave our dining room.

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