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If you’ve ever wondered how many slices are in a costco pizza, look no further – we have the answer here! Chances are, if you’re making this kind of purchase it isn’t just for yourself – so there’s a good chance you want to make sure everyone gets their fair share. That’s why digging deep into the number of slices in a single pie is incredibly important. Read on as we break down all the information about how much pizza can be had when buying from Costco and what type of snacking situation that might mean for your gathering.

An Overview Of Costco Pizzas 

Costco pizzas are often a staple on the grocery list for those who enjoy a good pizza every once in awhile. Costco pizzas offer an affordable and tasty alternative to other pizzerias, making them popular with families and bargain hunters alike. Their selection includes classic pies such as cheese, pepperoni, and four-cheese options. They also have specialty pies such as Hawaiian, Mediterranean and veggie. The pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and topped with real cheese, making them a great choice for those looking for a delicious but low-cost food option.

An Overview Of Costco Pizzas

Understanding Costco’s Standard Pizza Sizes

Costco offers four standard pizza sizes: individual, medium, large, and extra-large.

  • Individual pizzas are great for a single person or a small group of people sharing an appetizer. They usually have one topping and measure 6-7 inches in diameter.
  • Medium-sized pizzas are the most popular size at Costco. They typically come in two-topping combinations and measure 10-12 inches in diameter.
  • Large pizzas are perfect to share among a larger group. They usually include three toppings, and measure 14-16 inches in diameter.
  • Extra-large pizzas provide plenty of food for a large party or family gathering. These tend to have four or more toppings and measure 16-18 inches in diameter.

No matter what size of pizza you choose, Costco promises it will be made with high quality ingredients and cooked to perfection. They also offer a variety of specialty pizzas, so there’s something for everyone! Enjoy your next slice from the experts at Costco.

Find Out Why Costco Pizza Is So Good

So, how many slices are in a costco pizza? Well, that depends on the size. For example, an individual pizza will usually have four slices while a large one could have up to eight. All of their pizzas are cut into equal-sized pieces so everyone can enjoy a piece of deliciousness!

Costco pizzas provide customers with quality food for a great price. They use only the freshest ingredients and they’re cooked to perfection every time. Plus, their selection of pizzas is sure to cater to everyone’s tastes – from classic pepperoni to veggie medley, there are plenty of options available.

How Many Slices Are In A Costco Pizza?

So, to answer the original question – how many slices are in a costco pizza? The answer is that it depends on the size of the pizza. Individual pizzas usually come with four slices while large pizzas can have up to eight.

Small Size

A Costco Pizza small size comes with 12 slices. Each slice is cut from a large, 18-inch pizza that serves approximately 6 people. The small size is perfect for a family of four. It’s also a great way to save money when ordering pizza for a party or gathering, as each slice only costs about $1.25! With 12 slices, you can feed the entire crowd at an affordable price. So if you’re looking for an economical lunch or dinner option, pick up a Costco Pizza small size.

Medium Size

A Costco Pizza medium size comes with 16 slices. Each slice is cut from a large, 20-inch pizza that serves approximately eight people. The medium size is great for feeding a larger group without breaking the bank. At only $1.50 per slice, you can get enough food to feed everyone without going over your budget. With 16 slices, you’ll have plenty of pizza to go around.

Large Size

A Costco Pizza large size comes with 24 slices. Each slice is cut from a huge, 28-inch pizza that serves up to 12 people. The large size will easily feed your entire family or party without having to worry about running out of food. At only $1.75 per piece, you can get enough pizza for everyone without breaking the bank. With 24 slices, you can feed a crowd without having to worry about running out of food.

Extra-Large Size

A Costco Pizza extra-large size comes with 32 slices. Each slice is cut from a massive, 36-inch pizza that serves up to 16 people. The extra-large size is perfect for large gatherings and parties. At only $2 per slice, you can get enough pizza for everyone without having to worry about running out of food. With 32 slices, you’ll have plenty of pizza to go around.

How Many Slices Are In A Costco Pizza?

How To Determine The Number Of Slices In A Costco Pizza?

So, now you know how many slices are in each size of Costco Pizza. To determine the number of slices for any size pizza, simply divide the total diameter (in inches) by six. For example, a large 16-inch pizza would have 16/6 = 2.67 or approximately three slices per person. For an extra-large 18-inch pizza, divide 18/6 = 3.0 or three slices per person.

To ensure everyone has an equal portion, it’s best to pre-slice the pizza before serving. This will also help you determine how much food each person gets and make sure no one leaves hungry! So next time you order a Costco Pizza, remember this useful tip to get the most out of your meal.

Factors That Affect The Number Of Slices In A Costco Pizza

The number of slices in a Costco Pizza can vary depending on several factors. These include the size, thickness and toppings of the pizza. For instance, thicker crusts require more dough, so each slice will be larger and fewer slices will fit into each pizza. Additionally, if you add extra toppings to your pizza, it may require larger pieces or even an extra crust to hold all of the toppings.

As a result, it’s important to consider these factors when determining how many slices you’ll need for your party or gathering. If you order too little, someone at the table may be left without food! On the other hand, ordering too much can mean wasting food and money.

Estimating How Many People A Costco Pizza Will Feed

When ordering a Costco Pizza, it’s also important to consider how many people you’ll be feeding. Generally speaking, one small size pizza can feed up to four people, while a large will feed up to eight and an extra-large will feed up to sixteen. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate – if you order too little or too much food for your party, you can always add on more or save some for later.

To sum up, a Costco Pizza can have anywhere from four to 32 slices depending on the size and toppings. Ordering in bulk is a great way to feed your whole family or group without breaking the bank. Just remember to consider all of the factors that affect the number of slices when ordering your Costco Pizza. With a bit of planning and these handy tips, you can make sure everyone gets fed without any waste or hassle.

Estimating How Many People A Costco Pizza Will Feed

How To Order A Costco Pizza?

Ordering a pizza from Costco is simple and easy. First, go to the Costco website and choose the type of pizza you would like to order. You can choose from cheese, pepperoni, speciality pizzas, or create your own. After selecting what kind of pizza you want, choose if you want it thin crust, thick crust, or stuffed crust. Once you have chosen your desired pizza, select the size and quantity. Then add any additional toppings and sides that you desire.

After selecting all of your desired items, proceed to checkout. Provide the necessary information such as name, address, phone number, and payment information. Once everything is in order, submit your order. Most Costco locations offer online ordering for your convenience. Some locations even offer delivery services.

Creative Ways To Eat Leftover Slice Of A Costco Pizza

Leftover slices of a Costco Pizza are the perfect way to switch up your lunch routine. Here are some creative ways to use those leftover slices:

  • Add them to a salad for an extra crunchy topping.
  • Fry them in a skillet with garlic, onions, and peppers for an easy breakfast burrito filling.
  • Tear the slices into small pieces and top a bowl of macaroni and cheese for a cheesy twist.
  • Make a quick pizza dip by layering slices with cream cheese, parmesan, tomatoes and oregano.
  • Layer slices in a casserole dish with vegetables, beans, and cheese for an easy dinner.

FAQ: Slices In A Costco Pizza 

How many slices are in a Costco pizza whole pizza?

Costco pizza slices are divided into six portions, but if you opt for a full Costco pizza pie, it will consist of 12 slices. When determining the cost of Costco pizza, please note that it is not your typical large pizza.

Are there 18 slices in a Costco pizza?

At Costco, our pizza is typically cut into 12 slices, with each slice measuring approximately 5 inches. But, for those looking for larger portions, select stores also have 18-slice pizzas available. And for those watching their calorie intake, certain locations offer individual slices.

Are there 20 slices in a Costco pizza?

Costco offers pizza in two sizes: personal and family. The personal size pizza is cut into 12 slices, while the family size pizza is cut into 16 slices. However, if you’re interested in purchasing a premium pizza, it is only available in a larger 16″ size with 8 slices.

Why doesn’t Costco pizza have more than 20 slices?

Costco pizza slices are divided into six portions. This ensures that the slices are equal size and all the ingredients will be evenly distributed throughout each slice. Additionally, this helps to prevent food waste and allows you to get the most out of your pizza purchase.

How many slices in a Costco pizza for kids?

There are three ways to answer this question: 12 pieces – the standard quantity, 8 large slices – suitable for those with many needs, and 16 slices – perfect for children.

Are there more than 18 slices in a Costco pizza?

At Costco, you can enjoy our delicious pizza in convenient slices. Typically, our pizzas are cut into 12 slices, but we also offer larger 18-slice options as well as individual slices. Whether you have specific preferences or dietary restrictions, Costco has a pizza to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

How many slices in a Costco pizza do I need for 30 people?

One pizza can satisfy 3 people, allowing each person to have 2 large slices. To cater to a larger group of 30 individuals, you will need to order 10 pizzas, ensuring that each person receives their 2 big slices.

How many slices in a Costco pizza UK?

At Costco UK, our pizzas are sold in 16 slices. Each slice measures approximately 5 inches and is made with fresh ingredients. For a smaller group of 3-4 people, one pizza should be enough to satisfy everyone’s hunger. However, if you’re hosting a larger gathering of 10 or more people, we recommend ordering two pizzas for the best value and convenience.

How many slices in a Costco pizza per person?

Enjoy a Personal Pizza from Costco, perfectly sized for one or two people. Save the extra slices for later and savor them as delicious leftovers. If you have a bigger appetite, opt for a Large Pizza and ensure everyone gets their own heavenly slice.

How many calories are in a slice of Costco pizza?

Discover the calorie count for a scrumptious slice of Costco pizza, averaging around 300 calories. While the precise number may differ based on the pizza’s type and size, this estimation serves as a reliable benchmark for a single slice.

Conclusion: How Many Slices Are In A Costco Pizza 

So there you have it – everything you need to know about how many slices are in a Costco Pizza. With this handy guide, you can easily estimate the number of slices per person and determine how much pizza to order for your next gathering. Plus, we’ve even included some creative ways to enjoy your leftover slices! So grab those extra-large pizzas and get ready to feed a crowd at an affordable price.

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